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Bank of Abyssinia Written Exam Result የአቢሲኒያ ባንክ የጽሁፍ ፈተና ውጤት

Bank of Abyssinia

Bank of Abyssinia Written Exam Result

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Abyssinia Bank is a privately held company with experience and success in various sectors of business, entertainment and education. Such diverse ownership not only demonstrates the company’s commitment and desire to succeed in the industry it operates in, but also its ability to work together to build a successful business and commercial banking service.

You can see the test result below;



አቢሲንያ ባንክ ባወጣው የተለማማጅ ባንከኛ (Bank Trainee) የሥራ መደብ የተሰጠውን የጽሑፍ ፈተና ለወሰዱና የማለፊያ ውጤት ለማምጣት የቻሉ አመልካቾችን የቃለ-መጠይቅ ፈተና ለመስጠት እንዲያስችል የመኖሪያ አድራሻቸውን ባገናዘበ መልኩ ከምስራቅ አዲስ ዲስትሪክት፣ ምዕራብ አዲስ ዲስትሪክት ወይም ማዕከላዊ አዲስ ዲስትሪክት መካከል አንዱን ብቻ በመምረጥ የዲስትሪክቱን ሙሉ ስም ብቻ እስከ ጳጉሜ 04 ቀን 2014 ዓ.ም. ድረስ እንድትልኩ በጠየቅነው መሠረት በዲስትሪክት ቢሮዎቹ ሥር የሚገኙ ቦታዎች ከታች የተገለጹት መሆናቸውን እንገልፃለን፡፡

ማዕከላዊ አዲስ ዲስትሪክት

ከገርበ ጉራቻ – ሱሉልታ – አዲሱ ገበያ – ፒያሳ – አራት ኪሎ- ፍልውሃ – ለገሃር – ቄራ – ጐፋ – ሳሪስ – ቃሊቲ – ገላን – ቂሊንጦ – ኮየ ፈጬ – ቱሉ ዲምቱ – ዱከም- ቢሾፍቱ፣

ምስራቅ አዲስ ዲስትሪክት

ከሰሜን ሸዋ – ደብረ ብርሃን- ቦሌ አራብሳ- የካ አባዶ- ሰሚት -አያት – ጐሮ- ኮተቤ -መገናኛ -ቦሌ -ቦሌ ቡልቡላ- ካዛንችስ – መስቀል አደባባይ፣

ምዕራብ አዲስ ዲስትሪክት

ከሰበታ – አለምገና – ወለቴ – አየር ጤና -አለም ባንክ – አንፎ -ቤተል -ጀሞ- ለቡ- መርካቶ- ኮልፌ

Abyssinia Bank has issued a written test for the position of Bank Trainee to allow the applicants who have passed the written test to give an interview test, choosing only one of the East Addis District, West Addis District or Central Addis District; we have asked you to fill your full name by selecting your nearest district. Until Pagume 04, 2014 E.C According to what we have asked you to send up to, we state that the places under the district offices are mentioned below.

Central Addis District

From Gerbe Guracha – Sululta – Addisu Gebeya – Piasa – Arat Kilo – Filwuha – Legehar – Kera – Gofa – Saris – Kalitiy – Gelan – Kilinto – Koye Fetche – Tulu Dimtu – Dukem – Bishoftu,

East Addis District

From North Showa – Debre Berhan – Bole Arabsa – Yeka Abado – Summit – Ayat – Goro – Kotebe – Megenagna – Bole – Bole Bulbula – Kazanches – Meskel Square,

West Addis District

Kesebeta – Alemgena – Wolete – Ayer Tena – Alem Bank – Anfo – Bethel – Jemo – Lebu – Mercato – Kolfe

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Bank of Abyssinia Written Exam Result የአቢሲኒያ ባንክ የጽሁፍ ፈተና ውጤት
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