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Best Africa Trivia Questions & Answers 2024

Best Africa Trivia Questions & Answers | Unite Africa

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Explore the vibrant continent of Africa with these 55+ amazing trivia questions and answers! From historical landmarks to fascinating cultures, test your knowledge and discover the wonders of Africa.

Question 1: Which 100-mile long waterway links the Mediterranean and the Red Sea?

Answer: Suez Canal

Question 2: In which country is the Aswan Dam?

Answer: Egypt

Question 3: Which country has the rand as its currency?

Answer: South Africa

Question 4: What does ANC stand for?

Answer: African National Congress

Question 5: Who was the Egyptian king whose tomb and treasures were discovered in the Valley of the Kings in 1922?

Answer: Tutankhamen

Question 6: Which volcano in Tanzania is the highest mountain in Africa?

Answer: Kilimanjaro

Question 7: Which country, bordering Zaire, takes its name from the former name of the Zaire river?

Answer: Congo

Question 8: Which is the second longest river in Africa?

Answer: Zaire, formerly Congo

Question 9: What is the name shared by the currency units of “Algeria and Tunisia?

Answer: Dinar

Question 10: What is the capital of Kenya?

Answer: Nairobi

Question 11: Which country is the island of Zanzibar part of?

Answer: Tanzania

Question 12: What is the capital of Sierra Leone?

Answer: Freetown

Question 13: Who was Zambia’s first president?

Answer: Kenneth Kaunda

Question 14: Name the East African country which lies on the Equator

Answer: Kenya

Question 15: What appears in the middle of the Rwandan flag?

Answer: A letter R

Question 16: Which country includes the Yoruba, Ibo, and Hausa-Fulani peoples?

Answer: Nigeria

Question 17: Who was the founder of the Back to Africa movement who largely inspired Rastafarianism?

Answer: Marcus Garvey

Question 18: At which town in the Sudan do the White and Blue Niles join?

Answer: Khartoum

Question 19: In which country did King Hassan II ascend the throne in 1961?

Answer: Morocco

Question 20: In which country are Tangier and Casablanca?

Answer: Morocco

Question 21: The flag of Libya is a plain rectangle of which color?

Answer: Green

Question 22: From which European country did Angola achieve independence in 1975?

Answer: Portugal

Question 23: Mount Toubkai is the highest peak of which range of mountains?

Answer: Atlas Mountains

Question 24: Which South African politician won the Nobel peace Prize in 1960?

Answer: Albert Luthuli

Question 25: In which township were 69 demonstrators killed by South “African police in March 1960?

Answer: Sharpeville

Question 26: Afrikaans is a variety of which European language?

Answer: Dutch

Question 27: What is the former name of the People’s Republic of Benin?

Answer: Dohomey

Question 28: Which country unilaterally declared independence in November 1965?

Answer: Southern Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe

Question 29: What is Africa’s largest country?

Answer: Sudan

Question 30: Which African country is sandwiched between Ghana and Benin?

Answer: Togo

Question 31: Which country is the home of the Ashanti?

Answer: Ghana

Question 32: Which country was called Upper Volta until 1984?

Answer: Burkina Faso

Question 33: Which explorer was the first to reach the Cape of Good Hope?

Answer: Bartolomeu Diaz

Question 34: In which country are the towns of Gweru and Kwekwe?

Answer: Zimbabwe

Question 35: Where did Idi Amin rule from 1971 -1979?

Answer: Uganda

Question 36: Who was the Egyptian president who was assassinated in 1981?

Answer: Sadat

Question 37: Which British general was killed at Khartoum in 1885?

Answer: Gordon

Question 38: Which country mainly makes up the Horn of Africa?

Answer: Somalia

Question 39: In which country are the ruins of ancient Carthage?

Answer: Tunisia

Question 40: In which country does the White Nile leave Lake Victoria?

Answer: Uganda

Question 41: What are the two main arms of the River Nile called?

Answer: Blue Nile; White Nile

Question 42: Which actor won an Academy Award for his performance in The African Queen?

Answer: Humphrey Bogart

Question 43: On the border of which two countries is the Victoria Falls?

Answer: Zambia and  Zimbabwe

Question 44: Who was the woman sentenced to six years in jail after the murder of Stompei Seipi?

Answer: Winnie Mandela

Question 45: Which African explorer translated the Arabian Nights?

Answer: Richard Burton

Question 46: After which American President is the capital of Liberia named?

Answer: James Monroe

Question 47:  What is the name of the volcanic valley that runs from the Sinai peninsula to central Mozambique?

Answer: Great Rift Valley

Question 48: In which country were the Mau-0Mau a secret guerrilla movement?

Answer: Kenya

Question 49: Who was the Danish author of Out of Africa?

Answer: Karen Blixen

Question 50: Which new city in Nigeria has been shaped like a crescent, and has replaced Lagos as capital?

Answer: Abuja

Question 51: The Zambezi and which other river define the borders of Matabeleland?

Answer: Limpopo

Question 52: In and around which desert do the Bushmen live?

Answer: Kalahari

Best Africa Trivia Questions & Answers 2024
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