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Ethio-Djoubuti Railway Job Vacancy (For Fresh Graduates)

Ethio Djibuti railway

Ethio-Djoubuti RailWay Job Vacancy (For Fresh Graduates)

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The Ethio-Djibouti Standard Gauge Railway Company (or in short the Ethio-Djibouti Railways (EDR)) was established in April 2010 based on the bilateral agreement signed on December 16, 2016 between the two regions, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Republic of Djibouti. Subsequently, the shareholders’ agreement was signed on January 11, 2010 between the government bodies and public development organizations of the two countries and is governed by Ethiopian commercial laws.

Ethio Djoubuti RailWay would like to invites competent and qualified applicants for the following job positions.

Job Position to Apply (Including Job Grade and monthly basic Salary)

Position 01. Passenger Transport Revenue Inspector-L6-6,450Birr

Position 02. Specialist, Freight Transport Sales-L5-5,200Birr

Position 03. Team Leader, Indode Equipment and Material Supply Centre-L10-12,600Birr

Position 04. Specialist, Training Management-L5-5,200Birr

Position 05. Equipment Dispatcher double as Infrared Ray Dispatcher-L7-7,800Birr

Position 06. Dining Car Administrator-AAPTD-L5-5,200Birr

Position 07. Chief Train Attendant-AAPTD-L5-5,200Birr

Position 08. Office Clerk-AAPTD-L5-5,200Birr

Position 09. Freight Transport Technician-AATOD-L7-7,800Birr

Position 10. Freight Clerk, Field-AATOD-L2-2,370Birr

Position 11. Station Duty Officer-AATOD-L3-3,150Birr

Position 12. Assistant Station Duty Officer-AATOD-L2-2,370Birr

Position 13. Supervisor, Passenger Transport-AATOD-L6-6,450Birr

Position 14. Team Leader, Office Administration-DDTOD-L11-14,100Birr

Position 15. Water Filling Worker-DDTOD-L2-2,370Birr

Position 16. Deputy Station Master-DDTOD-L8-9,300Birr

Position 17. Bridges and Tunnels Worker-INDODE CIMC-L2-2,370Birr

Position 18. Cleaner-INDODE CIMC-L1-1,800Birr

Position 19. Material Keeper-INDODE CIMC-L2-2,370Birr

Position 20. Lineman-INDODE CIMC-L2-2,370Birr

Position 21. Equipment Maintenance Worker, Civil Work-INDODE CIMC-L2-2,370Birr

Position 22. Civil Work Zone Deputy Leader-INDODE CIMC-L3-3,150Birr

Position 23. Substation Duty Officer-INDODE CIMC-L3-3,150Birr

Position 24. Deputy Director, Maintenance Workshop-INDODE CIMC-L10-12,600Birr

Position 25. Utility Maintenance Worker-INDODE CIMC-L3-3,150Birr

Position 26. Dispatcher-INDODE CIMC-L5-5,200Birr

Position 27. Office Clerk-DD CIMC-L5-5,200Birr

Position 28. Utility Maintenance Worker-DD CIMC-L3-3,150Birr

Position 29. Dispatcher-DD CIMC-L5-5,200Birr

Position 30. Material Keeper-DD CIMC-L2-2,370Birr

Position 31. Equipment Maintenance Worker, Civil Work-DD CIMC-L2-2,370Birr

Position 32. Technician, Electric Work-DD CIMC-L3-3,150Birr

Position 33. Safety Clerk, Electric Work-DD CIMC-L3-3,150Birr

Position 34. Signalling Worker-DD CIMC-L2-2,370Birr

Position 35. Communication Worker-DD CIMC-L2-2,370Birr

Position 36. Equipment Maintenance Worker, Electric Work-DD CIMC-L2-2,370Birr

Position 37. Substation Duty Officer-DD CIMC-L3-3,150Birr

Position 38. Bridges and Tunnels Worker-DD CIMC-L2-2,370Birr

Position 39. OCS Worker-DD CIMC-L2-2,370Birr

Position 40. Electric Power Worker-DD CIMC-L2-2,370Birr

Position 41. Rail Car Driver-DD CIMC-L4-4,100Birr

Position 42. Large Machine Operator-DD CIMC-L3-3,150Birr

Position 43. Communications and Signalling Engineer-DD CIMC-L7-7,800Birr

Position 44. Safety Engineer-DD CIMC-L7-7,800Birr

Position 45. Training Engineer-DD CIMC-L7-7,800Birr

Applicatio Deadline: October 14, 2022


1: Application date within 7/Seven/ days from the date of this vacancy announcement on the shegerjobs.com newspaper.

2: Interested and qualified applicants can scan the QR CODE or click apply button below for registration.

3: For the level positions, applicants must submit the equivalent COC.

4: Application from private company’s /NGO/ should bring a letter from tax duties, salary and job title has been mentioned.

5: Work experience should be after graduation and relevant.

6: After the full training, only the qualified ones will be employed.

7: Transportation, food and accomodation are not covered by the the company.

8: Terms of employment on contractual basis.

9: A minimum of 6 month traning period.

10: Under training internal employees are not allowed to apply. Any internal applications under training will be automatically deleted if you submit

Apply Online:




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Ethio-Djoubuti Railway Job Vacancy (For Fresh Graduates)
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