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Vacancy Announcement – Golden Way Trading PLC

Vacancy Announcement – Golden Way Trading PLC

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Golden Way Trading PLC would like to invite qualified and interested job seekers to apply for the following different position.

Position 1: – Quality Assessor for Manufacturing & Service Sector

Education Level:- Manufacturing:- MA in related Area

Education Level:- Service Sector :- MA in related Area

For part-time applicants, the fee will be hourly.

Age: 30-65

Quantity: 10

Work experience: 5 years

Position 2: – Quality Management System Development Head

Education Level: D in Management related field M.A. quality management related field

Work experience: 4 years

Age: 30-65

Quantity: 2

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Position 3: – Branch Manager

Education Level: Bachelor’s Degree in Management and related fields.

Age: 27-50

  Quantity: 2

Salary: 18,000 Birr

Position 4: – Quality Assessment Head

Degree: D in related field/M.A. quality management related field

Work experience: 0 / 1 year

Gender: It doesn’t matter

Age: 30-55

Quantity: 2

Position 5: Award candidate recruitment field staff

Education Level: Graduates with Diploma in any profession.

Age: 23-45

Work Experience: 0 (Zero Experience)

Quantity: 85

Gender: Male

Salary: 8,500 Birr

Deadline: January 10, 2024

How to Apply

Dress when you come to apply:

For women: formal women’s dress, skirt and cloth pants

For men: Shirt, cravat, cloth pants with short trimmed hair and neatly trimmed beard is mandatory.

Note: Applicants should apply in person by submitting a non-returnable photocopy of your school certificate and all related documents to the office.

Registration Period: From 14/04/2016 to 30/04/2016

Address: Bole Doroyalem Ednamall Area / Alemnesh Plaza 10th Floor Office No. 1008

Tel: +251966 -72 70 70

Remind this:

  • Read the vacancy announcement carefully.
  • Check the vacancy details with eligibility.
  • Prepare your CV or Application Details.
  • Finally, apply as instructed by the authority.

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Vacancy Announcement – Golden Way Trading PLC
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