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Halcyon Fellowship applications are Open (Fully-funded) 2023

Halcyon Fellowship applications

Halcyon Fellowship applications are Open (Fully-funded) 2023

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Halcyon is committed to championing businesses and founders whose work moves the world forward. Since 2014, Halcyon Incubator has helped fellow innovators raise $350 million, create more than 2,350 jobs and positively impact 2.7 million lives.

At the heart of Halcyon are our fellows. Halcyon’s fellows are a global network of impact-driven leaders who are designing and building a better future. Ready to join this dynamic community? Apply for Halcyon’s fellowships!

Applications are Open!

Halcyon Fellowships equip early-stage impact-driven founders with tools and relationships they need to achieve scalable, lasting impact.

Halcyon’s Fellowships are free, with no fee or equity stake required. We are currently accepting applications for:

Halcyon Residential Fellowship, Spring 2023

Halcyon MENA Intensive Fellowship, spring 2023

Halcyon Opportunity Intensive Fellowship, spring 2023

Halcyon Future Builders Intensive Fellowship, winter 2022/2023

Application deadline: Friday, September 30, 11:59pm ET.

Upcoming Fellowships


The Fellowship that started it all! Launched in 2014, Halcyon’s Residential Fellowship continues to bring together impact-driven founders from across the globe to Halcyon’s facilities in Washington, DC. Fellows receive free living and workspace, mentorship and leadership coaching, robust support from business consultants, and a living stipend to develop their venture.


Halcyon is excited to launch its second fully in-region deployment for the MENA region in support of the US Department of State and in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This fellowship brings together inspiring founders from the Middle East and North Africa for cross-border collaboration and network and venture development.

The inaugural Halcyon MENA Intensive Cohort featured 27 social entrepreneurs from eight countries in the region, creating powerful networks and skills to grow their impactful ventures. Participated in Halcyon’s first regional residency in Amman, Jordan. We look forward to returning to the region with the second team in March 2023.

With support from the U.S. Department of State and in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), this new cohort will receive two virtual meetings to bond as a group and receive programming, and a one week in-person residency capped off with a showcase event in the Middle East/North Africa region.


Halcyon’s Opportunity Intensive supports entrepreneurs based in or primarily serving historically under-resourced communities in the Washington, DC region to accelerate innovation and inclusive economic growth. Fellows from across DC, Maryland, and Virginia meet for programming one day per month, with two, week-long intensive residencies and a culminating showcase event in July 2023.


Halcyon is excited to run the first cohort of our Future Builders Fellowship. This fellowship will bring together women and non-binary entrepreneurs from across the United States who identify as Black/African-American, Hispanic/Latinx, Afro-Latina, and are solving 21st century challenges through business.

What are the benefits of Halcyon fellowships?

Halcyon supports the development of fellows’ ventures and the fellows themselves as entrepreneurs and leaders.

Halcyon provides fellows: space, community, and access. The physical and mental space to focus on their venture and grow as an entrepreneur and a leader. Connection to a community of entrepreneurs and world-class mentors. Access to a thriving innovation ecosystem, vital pro-bono resources, skill development trainings, peer consultations, and a network of technical experts and investors.

Halcyon Residential Fellowship Spring 2023

Program Features

The Halcyon Residential Fellowship program includes the following:

  • Rent-free housing at Halcyon (Washington, D.C.) during the 14-week residency period
  • A lifelong community of fellows in social enterprise
  • Pro bono leadership coaching
  • 1 year pro bono legal support
  • Pro bono Deloitte consulting
  • Individual mentor
  • $10,000 equity-free stipend
  • Skills training sessions
  • Peer learning sessions
  • Access to world-class network of advisors
  • Opportunities for investment


Halcyon MENA Intensive Spring 2023

While Intensive programming is tailored to the cohort, a few things are a given:

  • $25,000 USD in Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing credits
  • Additional technical support from AWS
  • Access to a world-class network of mentors and advisors
  • Bespoke training on key business skills and elements
  • Join a world-wide community of impact-driven entrepreneurs
  • Workshops with legal experts
  • $3,000 USD equity-free travel stipend per venture


Halcyon Opportunity Intensive Fellowship Spring 2023

While Intensive programming is tailored to the cohort, a few things are a given:

  • $5,000 equity-free stipend
  • Two week-long residencies at Halcyon’s facilities in Georgetown, Washington D.C.
  • Pro-bono legal support
  • Free workspace for the duration of the program at Halcyon’s facilities in Georgetown, Washington D.C.
  • Pro-bono consulting services from Capital One
  • Leadership coaching
  • $25,000 in AWS cloud computing credits
  • Access to Halcyon’s world-class networks of mentors, advisors, and investors
  • Join a community of over 300 impact-driven entrepreneurs, many based in the D.C. region
  • Bespoke skills training


Halcyon Future Builders Intensive Fellowship Winter 2022/2023

While Intensive programming is tailored to the cohort, a few things are a given:

  • $5,000 equity-free stipend per venture
  • One week-long residency at Halcyon’s facilities in Georgetown, DC
  • Free workshops focused on investment readiness, leadership development, legal considerations for startups
  • $25,000 in AWS cloud computing credits
  • Access to Halcyon’s world-class networks of mentors, advisors, and investors
  • Join a community of over 300 impact driven entrepreneurs


“Halcyon is a supportive, strategic, and well-run program. The staff are fully dedicated to helping Fellows succeed, and they demonstrate that rare mix of ambition, humility, and commitment to excellence. I am proud to be part of this community.”

– Ronit Avni, Founder and CEO, Localized

Who should apply?

Our fellowships are open to early-stage, for-profit, impact-driven business entrepreneurs from around the world. What qualifies as early-stage? We define it as any venture from the proof of concept stage to one that has approximately $500,000 USD in annual recurring revenue. We are also sector agnostic, unless specified by program.


To be eligible for this fellowship, you:

  • May be from anywhere in the world and your venture may be focused on any business sector, as long as it is an early-stage impact-driven venture (i.e. prioritizes social and/or environmental good along with business success)
  • Must be the CEO and/or hold primary decision-making power in the growth and strategic vision for the venture’s development and management
  • Must be able to make a full-time commitment to work on the venture during the residency phase (February 20, 2023-May 26, 2023)
  • Must be able to postpone any undergraduate or graduate course work during the residency phase (February 20, 2023-May 26, 2023)
  • Must already live or work in the U.S. or be able to obtain a visa for the residency phase (February 20, 2023-May 26, 2023)
  • Must be fluent in English
  • Must be at least 21 years of age by the start of the program
  • May apply on your own or with up to one co-founder who meets the above eligibility requirements.
  • Must be willing to contribute to the growth and development of Halcyon’s fellow community

To be eligible for this fellowship, your venture:

  • Must be an original idea of the applicant(s)
  • Must be proof of concept stage (you are too far along to benefit from Halcyon’s fellowships is your venture is earning $500,000 USD in annual recurring revenue)
  • Must be an independent or autonomous venture that is not under the direction of an existing organization
  • Must have plans for a sustainable business model to generate revenue by selling a core product or service
  • Must be a for-profit or hybrid venture with the core mission is to create measurable social and/or environmental change
  • May not be a 501(c)(3) non-profit venture

Start your application!


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Halcyon Fellowship applications are Open (Fully-funded) 2023
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