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NGO Vacancy in Ethiopia – World Vision 2022

World vision

World vision Ethiopia

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World vision Ethiopia invites qualified and competent applicants in the following vacant positions;

Position 1: Cash Program Coordinator
Employee Contract Type:

Local – Fixed Term Employee (Fixed Term)
Job Description:

This project will be implemented in Somali Region Dolo Ado and Bokolomayo woredas. The project coordinator will coordinate the project activities in the mentioned two woredas. The coordinator will coordinate the project implementation with the two woreda DRM offices, ensure smooth government relation, build the capacity of project and government staffs, the planning of the project activities with government bodies. In addition, the coordinator will manage all the project cycle activities such as adopting targeting and selection criteria, organizing and establishing the targeting and appeal committees, train the committees, ensuring the beneficiary selection, verification, LMMS implementation, selection of distribution sites, distribution mechanisms, distribution place selection, cash distribution planning, engage financial service providers and train them on LMMS and code of conduct. The coordinator will also ensure the proper cash distribution set ups, conduct the cash distribution activities, monitoring activities such as live distributions, distribution observation, and exit interviews. Market and price monitoring and post distribution monitoring are also some of the additional MEAL activities. The coordinator will also do the field level report compilation and send to head office for interim and quarterly reports preparation. The coordinator also manage and supervise the cash distribution facilitators in the three woredas.

Required Professional Experience

Experience in implementation of Cash in sectoral interventions (Food, shelter, NFIs, and others) Humanitarian field experience with substantial exposure to aid agencies’ commodity and aid assistance business processes under chronic and rapid emergency contexts. At least three 3 years’ experience in a proven cash and voucher based program design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Working with FSPs, and private sectors. Operational Strategic / Managerial Required Education, training, license, registration, and certification

University Degree Agri-Business Management, Economics, Marketing, Rural Development, Banking, project Management.

Minimum of 3(three) years of relevant work experience in cash transfer or cash voucher related program, Livelihoods program, and grant management.

Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications

• Ability to provide support, training and coaching to staff, FSP and

• Excellent English communication skills (oral and written) with ability to express ideas and concepts clearly and persuasively with senior internal and external stakeholders

Travel and/or Work Environment Requirement

• This position requires regular travel between AP to the Kebeles and village based travel

Physical Requirements

Candidates require a high level of physical and mental fitness particularly within high risk environments

Language Requirements

English Ability to communicate well in English (verbal and written) – particularly in a crisis situation
Apply below


Position 2: Distribution & Stock Controller

Major Activities

Ensure timely distribution of materials purchased for program offices, facilitate the distribution process, and materials consolidation.

Up to date materials distribution list and submit for his immediate supervisor for notifying concerned offices
Communicate respective field offices/departments to collect materials purchased for them,
Follow up for collection of GRN from field offices for dispatched materials to verify receipt of the items at field offices level.
Send reminders for delayed response and escalate the issue to his/her supervisor if the items are not collected from warehouse within one month time.
Ensure Proper operation of materials movement (receiving; stocking and issuing) of goods:

Record the incoming, outgoing and balance of stock items information on the appropriate stock cards and databases timely, verify reconciliation of stock balance per the stock card and physical count.
Report any discrepancy found during stock balance check.
Ensure all field offices are following existing Warehouse and Distribution management policy:

Make field tripvisit to identify existing gaps on managing property of WVE at all branch office,
Submit reports on findings and recommendations on the field trips,
Follow up for timely corrective actions on the observed gaps
Timely collect copy of Goods Receiving Note, Goods issuing ticket and distribution list from store keepers and procurement work unit and keep in files based on the documents serial number and period.

Periodically, review and submit list of obsolete, damaged, expired and inactive/slow moving stock items for his/her immediate supervisor for disposal decision. Periodically prepare and submit MMR and submit timely.
Manage minimum and maximum inventory level, safety and buffer stock level for all stock items and remind store keepers to initiate purchase request for new purchases whine the stock level reaches re-order level.

Perform other related duties assigned effectively and appropriately.

Make self- imposed checks between perpetual records and actual stock and investigate any discrepancies where necessary with report to his supervisor.
Submit proposal for items classification, categorization, shelf arrange and any improvement.
Minimum education, training and experience requirements to qualify for the position:
Must have B.A. Degree in Procurement and supplies management/ Logistics and Supply Chain Management Must have minimum work experience of 4 years in warehouse and distribution systems and stock controlling.
License, registration, or certification required to perform this position:

Must have Information Technology use experience and skill: Email systems, cloud/web systems, EXCEL, Word, and power point.
Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

Provide training for warehouse and Inventory management staff at HO & Field office level
Work Environment:

The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically up to 15% of the time.


Position 3: Gender Officer-1

Job Description:

Cooperate for baseline, gender analysis and EIA studies
Closely work with RESILIENT WE thematic officers/specialists and respective area government sector offices so that gender issues are effectively mainstreamed into sectors by sector with relevant indicators updated,
Undertake the preparation of detailed annual activity vs finance, purchase and other required plan and follow up its implementation
Participate and contribute formative research even after gender analysis along project implementation phases to identify key gender issues
Undertake capacity gap analysis, develop related materials and carry out gender training based on project logic model for staff and stakeholders relating to both attitudes, behavior and implementation of RESILIENT WE,
Identify/stretched/establish women centered CBOs, FBOs and the like towards empowering. For instance, make sure women/girls are integral part of leadership;
Provide tools and support the design and implementation of gender related checklists and toolkits and guidelines for the implementation of gender mainstreaming to all project and partner staff
Ensure the project scaling principles such as co-learning, cost effectiveness, inclusiveness, climate smart, and sustainability
Ensure Women & girls empowered and gender equality improved;
Ensure targeting is aligned with the project,
Review and validate gender related targets and indicators of the project and consult with the RESILIENCE-WE team in PA
Ensuring gender integration , Introduce inclusive and context based key Gender Transformative Approaches for the target area/ district/
Undertake execution of RESILIENT WE DIP with women & girls centered,
Conduct regular field visits to ensure all concerned are familiar with gender equality tools and approaches to be used in day to day programming
Provide technical support to project and government staff on the implementation of RESILIENT WE and support Woreda stakeholders
Facilitate coordination and communication between project team and stakeholders, particularly in the target district
Contribute for the preparation of communication and advocacy strategies and action plans
Regularly monitor, review and evaluate the implementation of project on gender mainstreaming, take appropriate and timely action and extract lessons learned for future program development and implementation closely working with AP MAEL (where available) and CPO MAEL Coordinator
Ensure that learnings are applied in the DIP revision
Contribute to the documentation of good practice and learning. Ensure the documentation of successful practices, publications,
Contribute for the development of gender related technical documents and opportunities for reflection
Deeply engage with RESILIENT WE Livelihood Officers towards ensuring gender smartness
Liaise with other Woreda level INGOs, LNGOs, and Government representatives and take active role in forums, task forces, core group meetings and consortia related to all cross cutting issues for learning, experience sharing and joint action implementation.
Jointly (plan, leverage resources, execute, monitor & evaluate) RESILIENT WE within team and stakeholders
Work closely with NEWA/WRO team on context based human rights (HR) on the effectiveness of safeguarding arrangements.
Review safeguarding planning tool for program design and implementation.
Committed to responding to emergencies efficiently and effectively in order to help affected (if risk happens) women & girls meet their basic needs, alleviate suffering and maintain their dignity.

Identify/stretched/establish women centered CBOs, capacitate, engage & empower
Contribute to the planning and implementation of campaigns around gender action/awareness raising

Required Professional Experience

Experience: At least 4 years of experience in Gender and related areas, program/project implementation
Extensive training in the fields of CP/GBV, Pyscho-Social wellbeing, case management and application of international technical guidelines and standards in Child Protection and GBV.
Knowledge, skills of, and ability to implement integrated CP responses, including GBV.
Awareness of or interest in community based protection mechanisms.
Project (people, program and finance) management, networking, executing sequentially integrated program
Required Education, training, license, registration, and certification

BA or MA Degree in Gender, Social Work, Sociology and relevant field of social sciences Training on child protection, GBV Proven experience in designing and implementing child protection and GBV trainings to a variety of stakeholders. Having motor bike license add value

Preferred Knowledge and Qualifications

Must have proven analytical/problem-solving abilities

Rich experience in handling productive meeting

Rich experience communication

Experience in monitoring and evaluation

Ability to work with minimum supervision and with a team

Strategic, creative and innovative thinking

Proven experience in facilitating effective project documentation and dissemination of results to a wide range of audiences

Ability to maintain effective working relationships with all levels of staff

Appropriate skills and experience in the gender-based capacity building and training of staff and partners

Has a good command of oral and written English language and knowledge of the local language( Oromifa) is preferable


Position 3: Livelihood Officer-1

Job Description:

Undertake in the preparation of NRM based, climate smart and energy efficient technology and also identified value chain commodity based detailed women and girls centred and context based annual activities
Undertake in the preparation of gender sensitive value chain, financial inclusion and marketing to achieve the goal of the Resilience-WE project
Prepare evidence based annual plan and follow up its executions in light of the project design documents
Following targeting principle roll out the implementation of the project for increased resilient women and girls through community based NRM, Climate smart Agriculture, energy efficient technology and Gender sensitive value chain, financial Inclusion and Marketing
Focus on identified value chain commodities, integrate project models such as FMNR, EECS, Solar, S4T, Etc be implemented centring women and girls,
Ensure for value chain selected agriculture commodity get produced via producer group or clustered;
Work closely with project/AP MAEL, Hub based RESILIENT WE Project –MEAL coordinator & understand the MAEL framework, get MAEL templates, regularly monitor, collect disaggregated data, review, evaluate and draw lesson from the implementation of project
Ensure setting up/strengthening Woreda level steering committee composed of Woreda Administration, Office of Agriculture, Office of NRM, Office of Water Resource, Office of Cooperative/Marketing , Office of WYC, Farmers Representative, MFI and private partners and ensure the project governance and structure executed by being secretariat;
Promote the steering committee chair/leadership be women
Ensure stablishing/strengthening water shade level CBOs, producer groups, Saving group members getting women as part of leadership
Creating platform, leading platform, engaging and network with relevant government offices, FBO and CBO in the AP area and ensure inclusive and bottom up joint (planning, implementation, resources leveraging, monitoring and reviewing)
Advocacy on sustainable natural resources (water, soil & trees) management and its link to sustainable land management, livelihood improvement and climate resilience;
Link EFCS & solar technologies promotion/production/ distribution centred women girls group and get connected with private partners and S4T as well as financial institutions
Prepare quality and timely regular reports and submit the same to AP, concerned CPO, HO & GO
Engage in Identifying best practices and facilitate scaling up through capturing best practice photo with brief caption, data recording, analysis, documenting lessons learned and sharing lessons,
Required Professional Experience

Minimum of 4 years of work experience in Livelihood (Natural Resource Management, Climate Smart Agriculture, Energy Efficient Technologies, value chain, financial inclusion and marketing; 5 years on Natural Resource Management, Energy Efficient Technologies, value chain, and marketing
Experience in NRM roles, landscape restoration
Must have a clear understanding of major donors’ perspectives, requirements and standards
Must have proven analytical/ problem solving abilities
Experiences in computer words, excel and other facilities management
Effective in written and Verbal communication in English.
Motor Bike Driving license is as an additional requirement

Education Qualification
BSc Degree in Livelihood (Natural Resource Management, Climate Smart Agriculture, Energy Efficient Technologies, value chain, financial inclusion and marketing. Preferred MSc Degree in Natural Resource Management, and/or Agricultural value chain
Preferred Knowlege & Qualification

Excellent interpersonal skills – builds good relationships with internal and external stakeholders and maintain effective collaboration with all staff
Excellent skill in producing quality report
Appropriate skills and experience in the capacity building and training of staff and partners;
Rich experience in handling productive meeting
Rich experience communication
Experience in monitoring and evaluation
Excellent experience in proposal development, budget preparation and report writing;
Good knowledge of oral and written English language.
Knowing local language is an asset.

APPLY HERE https://worldvision.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com

Application Deadline: July 31, 2022

NGO Vacancy in Ethiopia – World Vision 2022
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