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How fast do you type in Amharic on a computer? – ኮምፒውተር ላይ በአማርኛ ሲጽፉ ምን ያህል ይፈጥናሉ?

ኮምፒውተር ላይ በአማርኛ ሲጽፉ ምን ያህል ይፈጥናሉ?

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ካልፈጠኑ የሚከተሉትን ኣጭር መግላጫ ይመልከቱ።

• ሀ ፡ H ሁ ፡Hu ሂ ፡Hi ሃ ፡ Ha ሄ ፡Hy ህ ፡He ሆ ፡Ho

• ለ ፡L ሉ ፡Lu ሊ፡Li ላ ፡La ሌ፡Ly ል፡Le ሎ፡Lo

• ሐ፡Shift +h ሑ፡Shift +hu ሒ፡Shift +hi ሓ፡Shift +ha ሔ፡ Shift + hy ሕ፡Shift +he ሖ፡Shift +ho

• መ፡M ሙ፡Mu ሚ፡Mi ማ፡Ma ሜ፡My ም፡Me ሞ፡Mo

• ሠ፡Shift + s ሡ፡Shift + su ሢ፡Shift + si ሣ፡Shift+sa ሤ፡Shift + sy ሥ፡Shift + se ሦ፡Shift + so

• ረ፡R ሩ፡Ru ሪ፡Ri ራ፡Ra ሬ፡Ry ር፡Re ሮ፡Ro

• ሰ፡S ሱ፡Su ሲ፡Si ሳ፡Sa ሴ፡Sy ስ፡Se ሶ፡So

• capslock ማብራት ሸ፡Shift s ሹ፡Shift +su ሺ፡Shift+si ሻ፡Shift+sa ሼ፡Shift +sy ሽ፡Shift+se ሾ፡Shift+so

• ቀ፡Q ቁ፡Qu ቂ፡Qi ቃ፡Qa ቄ፡Qy ቅ፡Qe ቆ፡Qo

• በ፡B ቡ፡Bu ቢ፡Bi ባ፡Ba ቤ፡By ብ፡Be ቦ፡Bo

• ተ፡T ቱ፡Tu ቲ፡Ti ታ፡Ta ቴ፡Ty ት፡Te ቶ፡To

• ቸ፡C ቹ፡Cu ቺ፡Ci ቻ፡Ca ቼ፡Cy ች፡Ce ቾ፡Co

• ነ፡N ኑ፡Nu ኒ፡Ni ና፡Na ኔ፡Ny ን፡Ne ኖ፡No

• ኘ፡Shift +n ኙ፡Shift +nu ኚ፡Shift+ni ኛ፡Shift +na ኜ፡ Shift +ny ኝ፡Shift + ne ኞ፡Shift +no

• ከ፡Ka ኩ፡Ku ኪ፡Ki ካ፡Ka ኬ፡Ky ክ፡Ke ኮ፡Ko

• ኸ፡capslock+ Shift+ h ኹ፡capslock+Shift+hu ኺ፡ capslock+Shift +hi ኻ፡Capslock+

Shift +ha ኼ፡ Capslock+ Shift +hy ኽ፡Capslock+ Shift+ he ኾ፡Capslock+ Shift + ho

• ኀ፡ Capslock + H ኁ፡ Capslock + HU ኂ፡ Capslock + HI ኃ፡ Capslock + HA ኄ፡ Capslock + HY ኅ፡ Capslock + HE ኆ፡ Capslock + HO

• አ ፡Capslock X ኡ፡Xu ኢ፡Xi ኣ፡Xa ኤ፡Xy እ፡Xe ኦ፡XoDe

• ዐ፡Shift +x ዑ፡Shift +xu ዒ፡Shift +xi ዓ፡Shift +xa ዔ፡ Shift +xy ዕ፡Shift +xe ዖ፡Shift +xo

• ወ፡W ዉ፡Wu ዊ፡Wi ዋ፡Wa ዌ፡Wy ው፡ We ዎ፡wo

• ዘ፡Z ዙ፡Zu ዚ፡Zi ዛ፡Za ዜ፡Zy ዝ፡Ze ዞ፡Zo

• ዠ፡Shift + Z ዡ፡Shift + Zu ዢ፡Shift + Zi ዣ፡Shift +Zaዤ፡Shift + Zy ዥ፡Shift + Ze ዦ፡

Shift + Zo

• ፈ፡F ፉ፡Fu ፊ፡Fi ፋ፡Fa ፌ፡Fy ፍ፡Fe ፎ፡Fo

• ፐ፡P ፑ፡Pu ፒ፡Pi ፓ፡Pa ፔ፡Py ፕ፡Pe ፖ፡Po

• ገ፡G ጉ፡Gu ጊ፡Gi ጋ፡Ga ጌ፡Gy ግ፡Ge ጎ፡Go

• ደ፡D ዱ፡Du ዲ፡Di ዳ፡Da ዴ፡Dy ድ፡ ዶ፡Do

• ጠ ፡ Shift + t ጡ፡ Shift + tu ጢ፡ Shift + ti ጣ፡ Shift+ta ጤ፡ Shift + ty ጥ፡ Shift + te ጦ፡ Shift + to

• ጨ፡ Shift +c ጩ፡Shift +cu ጪ፡Shift +ci ጫ፡Shift+caጬ፡Shift +cy ጭ፡Shift +ce ጮ፡Shift +co

• ጸ፡Capslock + t ጹ፡Capslock + tu ጺ፡Capslock + ti ጻ፡Capslock + ta ጼ፡ Capslock + ty ጽ፡Capslock + t ጾ፡Capslock + to

• ፀ፡Capslock+ Shift + t ፁ፡Capslock + Shift + tu ፂ፡Capslock + Shift + ti ፃ፡ Capslock + Shift + t ፄ፡Capslock + Shift + ty ፅ፡ Capslock + Shift + te ፆ፡Capslock + Shift + to

• ጀ፡J ጁ፡Gu ጂ፡Ji ጃ፡Ga ጄ፡Gy ጅ፡Ge ጆ፡Jo

• ቨ፡V ቩ፡Vu ቪ፡Vi ቫ፡Va ቬ፡Vy ቭ፡Ve ቮ፡Vo

• ቋ፡Capslock + qwa ቧ፡Capslock + bwa ቷ፡Capslock + twa ኟ፡Capslock + Shift +

nwa ቿ፡Capslock + cwa ሟ፡ Capslock + mwa ቷ፡Capslock + twa ጓ፡Capslock + gwa ፏ፡Capslock + fwa ሯ፡Capslock +

• rwa ዷ፡Capslock + dwa ቯ፡Capslock + vwa ኋ፡ Capslock + hwa ዟ፡Capslock + zwa ዧ፡Capslock + Shif +zwa ኗ፡Capslock + nwa ሏ፡ Capslock + lwa ኳ፡Capslock + kwa ሷ፡Capslock + swa ጇ፡Capslock + jwa ጧ፡ Capslock + twa

የተቸገሩ ሰዎችን በጣም ይጠቅማል፡፡

It will greatly benefit the needy people.

How fast do you type in Amharic on a computer? – ኮምፒውተር ላይ በአማርኛ ሲጽፉ ምን ያህል ይፈጥናሉ?
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