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Our Story

Sewaseweth.com is the most innovative and best online job portal in Ethiopia. If you would like to connect employees with employers, these are the best job board website. sewaseweth.com connects jobseekers and recruiters by accurately matching candidate profiles to the relevant job openings. While most job portals only focus on getting candidates the next job, Sewaseweth focuses on the entire career growth of candidates. Sewaseweth works closely to bridge the gap between talent & opportunities and offers end-to-end recruitment solutions. Sewaseweth Job Fair brings candidates and top employers under one roof.

Offer job seekers to find the exact employment they desire with the sophisticated and professional-looking website that you can realize with Job portal. With the advanced search option, they can speed up their hunt and study jobs to their liking only. In addition to that, Sewaseweth comes with animations, a parallax effect, on scroll content loading, and a post-a-job page.


Our Mission

Become essential to our customers by providing differentiated job vacancies and services to help them achieve their aspirations.


Customer Satisfaction

We provide new and true job vacancies to our customers. To help our job seekers find and get a job. In particular, we offer promotional services around the world.

Have Any Questions?

If you have any question or suggestions, Sewaseweth can serve you at any time. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

"If you only work for money you will never get it but if you love what you do and always put the customer first, success will be yours."
"ለገንዘብ ብቻ ከሰራህ በፍፁም አታገኝም ነገር ግን የምትሰራውን የምትወድ እና ሁልጊዜ ደንበኛን የምታስቀድም ከሆነ ስኬት ያንተ ይሆናል።"

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