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Vacancy Announcement – Catholic Relief Services – CRS

Vacancy Announcement – Catholic Relief Services – CRS

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Catholic Relief Services is the official humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the United States. CRS works to save, protect, and transform lives in over 100 countries, regardless of race, religion or nationality. Their relief and development work includes emergency response, HIV, health, agriculture, education, microfinance and peacebuilding. CRS has been responding to natural and man-made disasters in Ethiopia for nearly 60 years, providing disaster mitigation and recovery projects in drought and flood-prone areas. Their work includes rebuilding individual and community assets through non-food aid such as agriculture, livestock, health, nutrition, water and sanitation assistance. CRS also supports livelihoods for farmers and entrepreneurs, promotes equality and inclusion, and mitigates the impact of COVID-19 in Ethiopia.

Catholic Relief Services – CRS would like to invites competent and interested candidates for the following position.

Position 1: Program Manager I – Early Warning System (EWS)

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement a strategic plan for strengthening early warning systems within JEOP operational areas and also set up early warning systems in non-JEOP operational areas, focusing on regions that are most vulnerable to disasters.
  • Scale up community-based early warning systems, ensuring active participation and ownership by local communities which implementing activities such as: Facilitating participatory hazard vulnerability and capacity assessments to identify risks and community strengths; Implement risk monitoring system;  Develop and execute risk communication plans using behavioral change video messaging to educate communities; and  mobilize communities for anticipatory action, preparing them to respond effectively to early warnings.
  • Support the design and implementation of Monthly Interval Resilience Monitoring (MIRA) to assess and enhance community resilience.
  • Oversee a market monitoring system to inform program decisions and ensure the effectiveness of cash-based interventions, and work with the cash team to set transfer values and decide on cash transfer locations and seasons based on market data.
  • Conduct comprehensive monthly food security analysis converting information from context monitoring, MIRA, community based early warning system and climate analysis to prioritize interventions woredas; collaborate with the Vulnerability Based Targeting (VBT) team on woreda prioritization and caseload determination.
  • Develop and maintain emergency preparedness plans to ensure rapid and effective response when early warnings are issued.
  • Prepare and submit detailed reports on early warning system activities, outcomes, and impact assessments.
  • Provide management, guidance, and technical oversight for EWS  across of all new and existing JEOP interventions throughout the project cycle to ensure project design, start-up, implementation, and close-out are in line with CRS quality principles and standards, donor guidelines, and industry best practices. Oversee the JEOP level EWS, DRR and Market Monitoring Technical Working Group (TWG) ensuring consistent best practice is applied across project sites.
  • Oversee the development, implementation, and maintenance of the early warning system and ensure that the EWS is functioning effectively and efficiently, and that it is providing timely and accurate information to JEOP.
  • Provide strategic direction for widening the scope of JEOP EWS to increase the JEOP’s agility to serve the most vulnerable communities across Ethiopia.
  • Lead development and implementation of JEOP’s EWS and data uptake strategy in collaboration with the technical senior staff in HRD and the donor. Facilitate periodic refinement if indicators and tools as required. Oversee the EWS process, including development of templates, reviewing partner inputs, crosschecking inconsistencies, and drafting reports sections. Adhere to internal reporting requirements for CRS and the steering committee, and confidentiality regarding data sharing. Oversee refinement of the data sharing strategy, improving products for user-friendliness in collaboration with ICT4D staff.
  • Lead the development of program learning – identify opportunities for learning, research, and publications for JEOP. Evaluate and refine early warning system processes and protocols to incorporate best practices and innovations.
  • Ensure integration of innovations and best practices. This will include close collaboration with upcoming university learning partners and technical assistance firms, and provision of key inputs for write-up of success stories. Organize quarterly reflection meetings/ workshops to discuss data collected and learning to guide decision making and action.
  • Oversee the identification, assessment and strengthening of partnerships relevant to EWS and the appropriate application of partnership concepts, tools, and approaches. This will include fostering partnerships with local data collection firms for post distribution monitoring and annual results surveys, and baseline and end line evaluations.
  • Ensure timely and appropriate EWS activity expenditures in line with financial plans and efficient use and stewardship of project material sources. Collaborate with operations team colleagues on budget development to ensure that MEAL budgets are appropriately planned and utilized.
  • Champion crosscutting themes of protection, gender, conflict sensitivity, safeguarding, disability and inclusion. Utilize these lenses to review policies and practices, and challenge un-ethical behavior. Identity linkages and technical assistance from others to support these areas, and track project advancements towards engagement strategies in these sectors alongside sectoral leads.

Required Education and Experience:

  • MA/BA Degree in rural development, development studies, international relations, statistics and other social sciences or related field with 5 years’ relevant experience for MA degree or 7 years’ relevant experience for BA degree in an international NGO. Additional experience may substitute for some education.
  • Previous experience providing technical assistance.
  • Demonstrated application of technical principles and concepts in targeting project participants in both humanitarian and development program contexts and including in food/cash assistance projects.
  • Experience in mentoring, coaching, facilitation, and training applying adult learning principles and practices.
  • Experience and skills in networking and relations with donors, peer organizations and civil society partners.
  • Proficient in MS Office packages (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), Web Conferencing Applications, information and budget management systems, knowledge-sharing networks.

 Desired Education and Experience:

  • General knowledge of other related disciplines to ensure solid cross-sectoral approach.
  • Experience in business development, project design and proposal development in humanitarian emergency projects, including technical writing.
  • Understanding of partnership principles and experience working with faith-based partners.
  • Experience with program monitoring and evaluation, including applying data collection tools and methodologies, data analysis, data presentation and data use for decision making.

 Personal Skills:

Excellent relationship management skills with ability to influence and get buy-in from people not under direct supervision and to work with individuals in diverse geographical and cultural settings.

Inclusive approach, able to elevate the voices of underrepresented groups.

Flexibility, persistence, and ability to work well with people and cross-cultural skills.

Strong strategic, analytical, problem-solving and systems thinking skills with capacity to see the big picture and ability to make sound judgment

Strong written and oral communication skills

Strong presentation, facilitation, training, mentoring, and coaching skills

Proactive, resourceful, and results-oriented

 Required/Desired Foreign Language: English and Amharic, speaking other Ethiopian national languages is advantageous.

 Travel Required: 15-30% by road and air across Amhara, Oromia, SNNPR, Sidama, Dire Dawa City Administration and Tigray (subject to need and flexible to family commitments)

 Key Working Relationships:

Supervisory: Yes

Internal: JEOP program quality unit, CRS Ethiopia technical units, CRS regional counterparts.

External:  JEOP implementing partners, food cluster, line ministries

Workplace: Addis Ababa


Deadline: January 16, 2024

Position 2: Senior Project Officer – Early Warning System, Vulnerability Based Targeting & Market monitoring

Job Responsibilities:

  • Actively work with partners in implementation of vulnerability-based targeting (VBT) including providing technical support to increase understanding of VBT approaches and tools, training on VBT, and field level supervision during VBT implementation.
  • Conduct post VBT meeting with households and community in JEOP operation areas to ensure VBT quality implementation measures are adhered and complaint and feedback handled properly.
  • Ensure that the JEOP targeting identifies the most vulnerable households.
  • Provide training on VBT for regional Government counterparts and other stakeholder when needs there be.
  • Support partners in implementation of video based behavioral change messaging activities, aimed to bring attitude and behavioral change in disaster risk management, resilience building, and nutritious food preparation and feeding habit.
  • Ensure the woreda based partners staff effectively use Integrated Voice Response (IVR) platform for early warning data transmission.
  • Work closely with regional, zonal and woreda DRM offices in non-partners operation woredas and zone to timely prepare and submit monthly early warning report using the IVR platform.
  • Conduct a scheduled and regular monitoring visit to partners’ operation areas to examine partners’ implementations of early warning and market monitoring activities in reference to the quality standards.
  • Represent CRS in quarterly zonal level early warning data review and analysis meeting when organized by partners.
  • Attend selected woreda level monthly food security data review and analysis meetings to generate learnings and promote good practices.
  • Work closely with JEOP partner’s and RFSA team members to increase linkages and coordination of early warning and community based early warning activities; explore linkage opportunities with RFSA programs implemented by other partners.
  • Attend seasonal multi-agency assessment representing JEOP and CRS; represent CRS/JEOP in regional/zonal level food clusters, ENCU or other relevant clusters.
  • Provide close support to partners in implementation of MIRA in the community based early warning system in JEOP operation woredas.
  • Conduct a regular monitoring activity to ensure that partners field-based staff and/or enumerators collect and submit quality market monitoring report; support and acquaint partners’ woreda level staff with commcare based data transmission platform.
  • Follow up with partners’ and local Government to ensure implementation of complaints and feedback related to JEOP early warning, nutrition and targeting activities.
  • Lead zonal/regional level JEOP-RFSA coordination meetings.
  • Work closely with CRS compliance and risk monitoring team to ensure gaps identified in relation to VBT are addressed timely.
  • Follow up and monitor level of mainstreaming of safeguarding, and inclusion issues in JEOP early warning, nutrition, and environment programming.

Education and Experience:

  • Completion of  BA/BSC Degree in related field with 4 years’ relevant experience.
  • Additional education may substitute for some experience.
  • Computer skills required.

 Personal Skills:

Observation, active listening and analysis skills with ability to make sound judgment.

Good interpersonal skills and the ability to interact effectively with diverse groups.

Proactive, results-oriented and service-oriented

 Required/Desired Foreign Language: English, Amharic. Fluence in one of the regional official language is mandatory for the region candidate is applying.

 Travel required (include percentage of required travel, if applicable): 75-80% of travel

Workplace: Bahirdar, Hawassa, Diredawa and Mekelle


Deadline: January 16, 2024

Position 3: Project Assistant – VBT, Early Warning & Market Monitoring

Job Responsibilities:

  • Support the development, testing, and roll-out of an early warning and action methodology, guidance, tools, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) .
  • Support the monitoring and analysis of potential crisis (conflicts and disasters)-related events and developments.
  • Ensure up-to-date maintenance of early warning, market and targeting information.
  • Compile reports, perform data verification and documentation pertaining to Vulnerability based targeting, EWS and any assigned activities.
  • Support data analysis and dissemination activities as required.
  • Participate in meeting and write and document meeting minutes.
  • Provide field level support to CRS and partner staffs as needed.
  • Assist and support the coordination and implementation of any assigned project activities as per CRS program quality principles and standards. 
  • Conduct random visits to kebeles and woredas to see targeting process, ensure process comply with vulnerability-based targeting guidelines, and provide requested support to partners in a timely, quality manner.
  • Participate in national, zonal and woreda level multi-agency need assessments activities as required.
  • Ensure targeting related complaints and feedback received through FCRM system are documented.
  • Ensure the cross-cutting themes (gender, protection, safeguarding, environment, disability inclusion) are mainstreamed and implemented in the market assessment and surveys and wider EWS activities at field level.
  • Support in process monitoring of VBT and also post VBT monitoring activities.
  • Prepare transactional documents in support of JEOP EW operations processes and support, facilitate and coordinate transaction processing (e.g., prepare RFGS, payment requests, travel authorizations, travel advances, procurement etc.).
  • Support travel and logistics arrangements for JEOP EW staff, and visitors. Schedule and coordinate appointments. Provide logistical and communication support to event planning activities (e.g., organizing capacity building to partners, assisting in trainings and quarterly field visits, participate in field trips, coordinate with partners and trainers on events).

Education and Experience:

  • First degree or college diploma in related Social or Natural science field of studies.
  • At least 2 year of relevant work experience for BA degree or 6 years for Diploma.
  • Experience working in an office environment, with local or INGOs.
  • Proficient in MS Office packages (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), applications, information and budget management systems, knowledge-sharing networks, data collection platforms
  • Excellent computer skills including in typing/word processing, data entry into online databases and forms and working with various equipment.

 Personal Skills:

  • Good relationship management skills and the ability to work closely with local partners.
  • Attention to details, accuracy, and timeliness in executing assigned responsibilities.
  • Good time management skills with ability to work on multiple tasks.
  • Strong customer service orientation with good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Proactive, resourceful, solutions oriented and results oriented.

 Required/Desired Foreign Language: English

Travel Required: 40%

Workplace: Addis Ababa


Deadline: January 16, 2024

Position 4: Youth Senior Project Officer

Roles and Key Responsibilities:

  • Ensure increased youth engagement in JEOP 2.0 activities as outlined in the detailed implementation plan in line with CRS program quality principles and standards, USAID requirements, and good practices.
  • Provide technical support to JEOP staff/ partners in applying positive youth development, youth workforce development and youth employment in JEOP operations.
  • Support and collaborate with JEOP’s youth engagement research team to ensure efficient assessment process and result that guides effective youth engagement framework and recommendation for JEOP 2.0. 
  • Develop training manuals, guidelines, and provide youth and disability inclusive trainings in collaboration with JEOP cross cutting team.
  • Provide dynamic support and team coordination to JEOP’s youth and inclusion activities, through supporting integration, empowerment, and capacity building to implement and monitor youth engagement and disability inclusive programming.
  • Assist the Technical Advisor to coordinate working relationships with JEOP partners and local project stakeholders and serve as the liaison between them and the project team to mobilize local actors and promote project activities and impact.
  • Supervise and perform ad-hoc inspections of various JEOP processes and resources at project sites to ensure timely youth and disability inclusive project activities implementation and adherence to established process standards and procedures.
  • Support JEOP’s MEAL team to include youth perspective in research, mid-term and end line evaluations and ensure sex, age and disability disaggregated indicators into the MEAL framework.
  • Support accountability through coordinating youth engagement and disability inclusive project evaluation activities and guiding partners in their efforts to reflect on project experiences. Analyze implementation challenges and report any inconsistencies and/or gaps to inform adjustments to plans and implementation schedules.
  • Closely work with CRS Social Behavioral Change team to develop comprehensive behavioral change strategies and plans around youth engagement on JEOP with a Do No Harm lens.
  • Ensure project documentation for JEOP youth and disability inclusive activities is complete with all required documents and is filed per agency and USAID requirements. Assist with preparation of trends analysis reports and documentation of case studies and good practices.
  • Coordinate provision of any logistical and administrative support to staff and partners.

Education and Experience:

  • BA Degree or MA Degree in Social Work, Sociology, International Relations, development studies and Public Health.
  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant work experience with bachelor’s degree or 3 years of experience with master’s degree is required leading Youth related programing. 
  • Knowledge and experience of technical principles and concepts in Youth engagement and disability inclusion.
  • Demonstrated skills in all areas of Youth programing and knowledge management related to emergency programing.
  • General knowledge of other related disciplines to ensure proper cross-sectoral approach.
  • Proficient in MS Office packages (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), Web Conferencing Applications, information and budget management systems, knowledge-sharing networks.
  • Ability to draft reports, communications materials, detailed implementation plans.

 Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Analysis and problem-solving skills with ability to make sound judgment.
  • Good relationship management skills and the ability to work closely with local partners and youth.
  • Proactive, results-oriented, and service-oriented
  • Attention to details, accuracy, and timeliness in executing assigned responsibilities.

 Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience working with youth, people with disabilities, partners, participatory action planning and community engagement.
  • Experience monitoring projects and data collection for youth engagement.
  • Required Languages – Strong written and verbal communication skills in English and Amharic. Other Ethiopian national languages is a plus.

Travel – Must be willing and able to travel up to 25-50 % by road and air across JEOP operational areas.

Workplace: Addis Ababa


Deadline: January 21, 2024

Position 5: Finance Officer

Job Summary: 

You will support the Finance department’s management of accounting systems, policies and procedures in compliance with CRS’ established accounting standards, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), donors’ rules and regulations, and legal requirements to support high-quality programs serving the poor and vulnerable. As part of an experienced finance team, you will help coordinate daily financial activities through preparation and delivery of financial services.

Purpose of the Position:

  • Review partners’ liquidation documents for the accuracy, validity in light of CRS, donor and partners’ requirements and record the transactions in  the system.
  • Review partners advance requests are as per the budget and cash forecast and work on advance calculator.
  • Coordinate in the partners’ training, visit partners and PDPs to improve performance.
  • Provide support to program department and partners and participate in Project management teams.
  • Maintain good filing of agreements, project documents, VAT files
  • Ensure organization liabilities and are settled on time
  • Ensure receivables from donors are collected on time and as per the donor agreement

Education and Experience:

B.A. degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics, and Business Administration is strongly preferred. Courses in accounting, or a qualification in accounting (CPA/ACCA or equivalent).

Minimum of two years accounting experience, preferably with an international or local NGO, or a financial/banking institution.

Familiarity with the relevant public donors’ regulations is a plus.

Proficient in Excel and experience with Word and PowerPoint. Knowledge of Oracle application, project Insight financial accounting package, or similar financial reporting software is a plus.

Personal Skills:

  • Excellent analytical skills with the ability to detect and report inconsistencies.
  • Excellent organizational skills with great attention to detail
  • Ethical conduct in accordance with recognized professional and organizational codes of ethics
  • Proactive, resourceful, solutions-oriented and results-oriented
  • Ability to work collaboratively.
  • Required/Desired Foreign Language
  • Travel Required (include percentage of required travel, if applicable)

Workplace: Addis Ababa


Deadline: January 22, 2024

How to Apply

Interested applicants who meet the above requirements are requested to submit their CVs and Credential in a single Pdf Format through online before January 19, 2024.

You should fill the application form through the above link and attach your up-to-date CV on / before the application deadline. You will be contacted only if selected for written exam/interview. Phone solicitations will not be accepted. These job opportunities are open to Ethiopian nationals only.

CRS requires its staff to treat all people with dignity and respect and to actively prevent harassment, abuse, exploitation, and human trafficking.

** Qualified women & persons with disability are highly encouraged to apply**

CRS is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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Remind this:

  • Read the vacancy announcement carefully.
  • Check the vacancy details with eligibility.
  • Prepare your CV or Application Details.
  • Finally, apply as instructed by the authority.

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Vacancy Announcement – Catholic Relief Services – CRS
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